Welcome to Gateway to Growth

We are so excited to finally kick off our project Gateway to Growth with a digital event! Rogaland is historically known for being the oil and gas capital of norway, but is also known for its inherent entrpreneurital spirit and access to vast technical competence. Gateway to Growth is here to accelerate high potential technologies and energy solutions from the region to the global market.
We look forward to seeing you the 2nd of June!

Gateway to Growth is a result of a joint ambition to support the realization of the energy transition and technology development in our region and to demonstrate that our products and solution may have global impact.





13.30 Opening speach from the Norwegian Minister of petroleum and energy, Tina Bru

On energy transition, CCS and climate goals.

13.35 Welcome by Regional Mayor of Rogaland, Marianne Chesak

How Rogaland can impact the green transition worldwide and how important it is for the region to stay relevant and attractive for its inhabitants.

13.40 Gateway to Growth – Rogaland as region for Scaling Green Export 

Meet the hosts and two of the «Gateway to Growth» initiators. Klimapartnere and Grønn By together with the regions municipalities are working to drive the green shift in the region of Rogaland. Beyonder is a company turning sawdust into battery cell technology. How are we working to push the region in a more sustainable direction? by Anne Marie Lofthus (Klimapartnere) and Kristin Skofteland (Beyonder) .

13:45 Norway´s role in the green transition – Where are we heading? 

Norway & Rogaland as green testbed for global & progressive cities. Partnerships, city-to-city alliances and new radical solutions delivering on SDG17.

Intros from Head of Economic Development and International Affairs in both Stavanger and Haugesund Anne Woie and Annette Sæther. Also intros from Hege Kverneland (Kverneland Energi) and Gaute Hagerup (C40). Followed by conversations facilitated by Liv Monica Stubholt (Law firm Selmer & former Secretary of State).

14:10 The Great Green Wall, Sahel in Africa 

Get to know the UN project in the Sahel of Africa. The Great Green Wall has received $17 billion to regreen and build up the region. For this they are looking to work with organisations that can do so in using renewable energy and solutions and technologies built for the future by Camilla Nordheim-Larsen.

Followed by intros from fast growing companies presenting key opportunities & current needs for strategic/collaborative partners to accelerate innovation and export opportunities – Desert Control, Norsk Solar, Kverneland Energi, Nordic Unmanned and Integrate Renewables.  Then a moderated fireside talk with Camilla Norheim-Larsen & entrepreneurs from the region.

14.45 15 min break


15:00 Fuelbox Green Talks – How to spark great conversations on sustainability by founder Berta Lende Røed

How intimate conversations create international ripple effects and why you need to master the ability of conversation in the green shift

15:10 From «dirty» to clean: How fast are the green investment markets changing by Head of Climate and Sustainable Finance in SEB Susanne Gløersen.

15.20 How can Stavanger transition to move from Norway´s oil capital to a driving force for clean solutions?

How fast is the green investment market changing and how do we go from investments in oil and gas to green energy and technology? How do we secure international investors and financers?  Conversation led by Susanne Gløersen (SEB)  with Ingvild Meland (Nysnø) / Tore Gjedebo (Investore) / Eksportkreditt (Ivar Slengesol)

15:40 Energy transition and sustainability focus in India – projects and initiatives by the Ambassador of India Dr. B Bala Bhaskar

Insights and opportunities ahead seen from the ambassador on rapid population growth on the asian continent and Indias role and actions taking place on clean energy and other sustainability goals. What kind of solutions and technologies can Norway contribute with?

15:50 How can farmed fish ensure to secure enough food for our growing population? by Liv Marit Årseth, External Communication for Grieg Seafood

How are Grieg working regionally and internationally to meet the sustainability goals nr 12 – responsible consumption and production and goal 14 – Life below water. Grieg Seafood takes their responsible serious and are working each day to better operation at all levels in the valuechain.

Both of the previous sessions will be followed by intros from fast growing companies presenting key opportunities & current needs for strategic/collaborative partners to accelerate innovation and export opportunities – Fishglobe, Clevair, Beyonder, Pale Blue, Heimdal Power. Then a moderated fireside talk between the companies and entrepreneurs.

16.20 Export Credit Norway by Ivar Slengesol

«We need an energy transition, and we will export it»

Ivar Slengesol from the Export Credit Norway: The need for clear goals and policies to boost climate technology expoport from Noway. How to match our trading partners.

16.25 Empowering Generation Cleanup – The Global Map uniting Innovators

Birgit Liodden / The Ocean Opportunity Lab – How we will connect and collaborate in the future – platform for connecting people, technologies, opportunities and challenges.

16:30 Afterwork & Networking groups fasilitated by Fuelbox Green Talks